Posted by: Nancy Welsh
Date: Monday, May 7, 2007 at 18:10:15

Safety for all our students has always been and always will be of the utmost importance to us as educators, parents, family, friends and neighbors.

Watching our children grow from infants to young adults brings pride to all who know and love that child. But to have this young adults life end in their teens and twenties is truly a parent’s worst nightmare. No one wants that phone call.

As one who has felt the pain of the loss of a young family member as a result of a car accident, my heart goes out to the parents and families who have also suffered the unthinkable and in many cases a preventable tragedy.

But what can we do ?

The positive and unique Five Star Commitment puts the power and the authority right where it belongs with the young adult behind the wheel.

The power to ‘tell’ every passenger that enters his/her vehicle that that vehicle is under a non – negotiable commitment, recognized by a visible ‘shield’, whereas a signed contract by the vehicle owner has pledged that all passengers young and old must adhere to the 5 points of safety in order to be’ allowed’ to be a passenger is a powerful thing.

The ‘power’ to control his or her situation and the ability to stand firm with confident ‘authority’ is something our youth need to stay safe. Take charge attitude.

Students leaning back on parents/educators who cannot ‘always‘ be there physically, is not always going to work. We parents/educators know that. As parents, we realize that when we are out of sight; we are ‘out of sight’, ‘out of mind’ and the pressure of friends ‘peers’ to do other than what we say, is always a ‘danger’.

To put crashed cars on school lawns hasn’t worked. Young people never think this could happen to them even when it does happen to their own friends!

The Five Star Commitment is openly displayed on the vehicle. It is in view to all other cars on the road. It is openly in view to all who enter the car as a driver and passenger. It is a non-negotiable contract by the owner of that vehicle.

Other car owners should applaud this venture. Our Counties statewide should applaud this venture. Our BOE’s should embrace this venture and make it their own by encouraging it’s youth to take a stand and be responsible for their own future.

Every school in the county statewide should be a participant.

Why would we leave out any student ?

Every life this program touches could save another young life. Working together throughout the county schools will strengthen and reinforce a very positive instrument that can be used to protect our children’s lives.

But by being positive and assigning their safety to the young drivers is a wonderful unique approach and is a solution to what every principal hopes will never happen on their clock and that is to lose one of their own students to a premature and tragic death behind the wheel.



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