Posted by: Captain Rick Ferrarelli
Date: Friday, March 9, 2007 at 16:22:45

I am glad to say that I received information about this worthwhile program today. It is unfortunate that the information had to come as a result of a tragedy in our town whereby we lost two of our young residents ages 17 and 16 as they were going to school.

The day began as a dim, bitterly cold blustery day with light snow blowing and accumulating as a light cover on the roads. Our two high school students may have been running late. The 17 year old young driver was probably driving like he would normally drive like any other day. This, however was not a normal day; the roads were bitterly cold, and the light snow made the road surface slick. Their car went into a curve and he failed to negotiate the curve safely. They never made it to the school that morning.

The news traveled fast, and the entire day seemed to spin out of control for the young people in the school in which the brother and sister were very popular. I can not speak for the family; I know that their family is devastated. A memorial is laid and grows at the spot where the crash happened. It is currently visited by friends trying to make sense of the tragedy.

Everyone who responded to the crash, police, fire, first aid, paramedics, they all did what they could, they acted responsibly and correctly. There was no hope though; the young lives were already taken from us. The School Administrators and staff responded swiftly. Professionals were on hand from many agencies to help folks deal with their grief. The images of the wrecked car were played out in the news, cameras and news crews did their job and waited outside of the school to interview friends and schoolmates. The story was told to a wide audience in the major New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia areas.

The days which follow, will hold no more news crews, no more interviews. The road-side memorial will remain; friends will hold a Candlelight Vigil, as they share the memories of the friends lost, life moves on.

This was not our first such tragedy, we have experienced this type of crash and devastation before. The Township of Jackson has too many road-side memorials, too many broken families.

I just want to see to it that our residents are introduced to the "Five Star Commitment" and provide them with the opportunity to make a promise to themselves and their loved ones that they will use the principles of the "5 Star Commitment" in their everyday travels.

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