I, __________________commit to the principles of HIGHWAY SAFETY and to honor and obey all highway laws and regulations; especially:
To wear my Seat Belt and Insist that all my
      Passengers Do the Same.
To Obey Speed Limits and Never Follow to
       Closely. (Tailgating)
To be Considerate of other Motorist and
       Pedestrians and to Resist Road Rage.
Never Drive when Fatigued or Under the
       Influence of Drugs or Alcohol.
To Operate my Vehicle Responsibly and
      Avoid Distractions.

Safety Shield
Commitment Card

                                        Cost $10.00

Thank you for supporting the Five Star Commitment Highway Safety Program. Our products are a reflective Safety Shield and a static cling Commitment Card.

Place the Safety Shield on the rear window of your vehicle.  It indicates that you have recommitted to safe driving and are challenging other motorist to do the same.

Place the Commitment Card on the top left of your windshield near where the oil change reminder goes.  It will bear your signature that you in fact have committed to these five basic principles of highway safety.  It will be a constant reminder to drive responsibly.

Ambassador Packages

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10 Pack - $100.00
(10 Safety Shields / 10 Commitment Cards)

50 Pack - $500.00
(50 Safety Shields / 50 Commitment Cards)

100 Pack - $1,000.00
(100 Safety Shields / 100 Commitment Cards)

500 Pack - $5,000.00
(500 Safety Shields / 500 Commitment Cards)

1,000 Pack - $10,000.00
(1,000 Safety Shields / 1,000 Commitment Cards)




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