Five Star Commitment Perspectives
Five Star Commitment for Highway Safety realizes most people have been impacted by a highway tragedy at some point in his or her life. Take a minute to read what some motorists have to say about highway safety and how the Five Star Commitment program can help make a difference in saving lives.

Losing a classmate because of a car crash is not something you can get used to, but somehow I feel like that may be happening to me. You see, I go to Wakefield High School in Raleigh, North Carolina and since March of 2006, my school has lost six students to car crashes. You would think Iíd never get used to receiving that call that another person in one of my classes has died. Surely, you probably think, thereís no way I can get used to going through the next couple of weeks surrounded by grief counselors, watching other kids that knew the dead student or students really well and are so upset they canít even stay focused in class, witnessing the constant barrage of TV cameras waiting to pounce on us for an interview when the bell rings or worse, seeing the sad, distraught faces of the parents talking with school officials, desperately trying to arrange a memorial service that captures the spirit of their son or daughter. After losing this many classmates, this fast, I feel numb and like this is one more thing I just need to get used to and come to expect.

This is how I felt until I realized my classmates and I have a responsibility to try and change the culture of bad driving habits so many of us have adopted. The worst offenses seem to be drinking and driving, driving too fast and being easily distracted when we drive. I found the answer in Five Star Commitment. Finally, a program that doesnít talk down to me like an immature kid, but gives me the chance to be a leader with my friends. Through Five Star Commitment, I have adopted five key principles that I pledge to keep when I get in a car. I canít control other people on the road and the things they do, but I can control my behavior in a car and the decisions I make.


How many times have we as teenagers been told to not drink and drive, to wear our seatbelts, to pay attention and not speed? Weíre reminded of these things all the time by parents, teachers and other adults.

We now have the opportunity to not only listen to these things, but to actually act. Five Star Commitment for Highway Safety is our own highway safety program. Itís our chance, as young adults, to take ownership and become ambassadors of safer highways and better driving.

Once we take a stand, others will follow. I encourage teenagers and all motorists to join me now and help spread the Five Star Commitment message.


Donít speed and pay attention. Speed killed my 17 year old granddaughter Leah on January 11, 2006. She was a passenger and died instantly in the crash. A part of me died that day too.

Please, donít let your family have to go through something like this. Please slow down, donít drink and drive. Pay close attention to safe driving methods and habits of Five Star Commitments For Highway Safety.



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